Posting 102256: Special Notice
Special Notice
08.09.2018 07:52
08.09.2018 14:51
A Special Notice : PJM will be testing in the sandbox (training) environment. Additional Comments: At 0800 PJM will be posting the following message types in the Emergency Procedures sandbox (training) environment: Deploy All Resources Action, Emergency Load Mgmt Reduction Action, Emergency Voluntary Energy Only Demand Response, Manual Load Dump Action, Manual Load Dump Warning, Maximum Generation Emergency Action, Pre-Emergency Load Mgmt Reduction Action, Primary Reserve Warning, Voltage Reduction Alert, Voltage Reduction Action, and Voltage Reduction Warning and Reduction of NCPL. These messages are being posted for testing purposes only. If you receive an email or text for any of the previously listed items, then you are setup for such messages within the TRN environment. If you'd like your TRN environment email/text notifications disabled, please email