Posting 102487: High System Voltage
High System Voltage
04.13.2019 23:15
04.14.2019 08:38
A High System Voltage has been issued; all companies shall take the following actions on the Bulk Electric System: 1. All switchable capacitors are out of service. 2. All reactors are in service. 3. TOs are requested to review and adjust LTC settings as appropriate. All LTC (230 kV and above) and voltage schedule adjustments shall be coordinated with PJM Dispatch. 4. All SVCs are absorbing reactive power. 5. Generation Owners shall operate generators at the lower bandwidth of their voltage schedule when possible. 6. Generation Owners shall communicate with PJM and the TO restrictions to their generator's ability to absorb MVARs if that capability varies from the existing "D" curve. Target: Distribution Companies/Transmission Owners/Generation