Posting 103755: Cold Weather Advisory

Cold Weather Advisory
12.20.2022 08:57
12.26.2022 23:00
A Cold Weather Advisory has been issued from 07:00 on 12.23.2022 through 23:00 on 12.26.2022 .

Per M-13, members are expected to perform the following: - Prepare to take freeze protection actions such as erecting temporary windbreaks or shelters, positioning heaters, verifying heat trace systems, or draining equipment prone to freezing - Review weather forecasts determine any forecasted operational changes, and notify PJM of any changes - Members are to update Markets Gateway by entering unit specific operation limitations associated with cold weather preparedness.

Operating limitations include: - Generator capability and availability - Fuel supply and inventory concerns - Fuel switching capabilities - Environmental constraints - Generating unit minimums (design temperature, historical operating temperature or current cold weather performance temperature as determined by an engineering analysis)